Amethyst Studio

Amethyst Studio

Amethyst Studio. Heavenly Yoga Studio near Newbury

Welcome to Amethyst Yoga Studio.

A countryside escape 


We offer yoga classes, wellbeing workshops and retreats in a purpose-built studio, deep in the beautiful Berkshire countryside, just ten minutes from Newbury.

Join us for a single class and indulge in that away-from-the-world feeling you’d usually only get at a weekend retreat. Keep coming back for regular classes, and you’ll feel your body and mind connecting and strengthening. Our yoga is welcoming, fun and open to everyone, including complete beginners. The studio is modern, calm and surrounded by nothing but fields and birdsong.

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Our Story

Camilla founded Amethyst’s Newbury yoga studio in 2016, when she found herself with a burned-down barn next to her new home. A long-time passionate yogi, rather than simply rebuilding the barn as it was, she saw an opportunity. She designed and built Amethyst Studio on the site of the old barn as a way of sharing her passion, and her knowledge of yoga’s benefits, with the world. She knew that yoga is at its best when practised in natural surroundings. At Amethyst, those natural surroundings are combined with people-focussed, empowering yoga that works for everyone, and every body.

Our classes

Gong Bath We provide regular weekly Vinyasa flow and Forrest Yoga classes. We also run occasional day and weekend yoga retreats, and workshops and talks on wellbeing and nutrition. Vinyasa flow is movement-based, using flowing poses that connect with the breath. Forrest Yoga uses strong poses and breath work to heal the body and mind. We welcome ideas. If you want to run a workshop or retreat at our studio, perhaps with a group of friends, get in touch. We’d love to see if we can make it work together.

Our Approach

classWe believe in a practical approach to yoga that welcomes all comers, including absolute beginners. Our focus is on movement, strength and resilience. We know that with a regular yoga practice, you can achieve more and do more throughout your life. We believe in the power of connecting body and mind, focusing on our own strength while working as a group to connect with each other as well as ourselves. We also believe yoga is to be enjoyed, not endured. Our clients feel the benefits of yoga from just one class a week. Those who can commit to two, three or more classes a week find the benefits are life-changing.

Our studio

Our Newbury yoga studio is just ten minutes from central Newbury, within easy reach of London, and a world away from anywhere else. It lies deep in the Berkshire countryside, surrounded by fields and woodland. It is a place to reconnect with yourself and your body. A place to move and be outside the everyday. A place to become stronger: physically, mentally and spiritually. The studio is a large and warm, open room with countryside views. It is calm and comfortable, built specifically for yoga. There are spacious changing rooms and modern equipment.

As well as the main studio, we have a large second room that we use for talks and workshops, and attractive overnight accommodation for retreat guests. Ample parking is also available.

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Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual and physical planes to promote calm, balance and peace. It is also used to eliminate impatience