"A Life in the Day of "..... a fascinating Nutrition talk with Elodie Stanley.

Food - Elodie

I am delighted to introduce Elodie Stanley to you and let you know about a wonderful talk on nutrition she is coming to give at Amethyst Studio on Thursday 14th June at 6.15pm.

Elodie's talk "A Life in the Day of....."    addresses every day decisions on what, how and when we eat and why it matters. Elodie will provide you with important take-home healthy messages that you can use in your daily lives. 

After a first career in law, Cambridge graduate, Elodie then returned to university to study first for a Bachelor's then a Master's Degree in Nutrition Science. She has been advising clients over the last 15 years on a range of issues, from mild IBS to chronic disease, following the principles of personalised functional medicine. She is currently at Imperial College reading for a PhD, examining the role of diet and environment in the development of cancer. She works in the local area and in London.

To me, Elodie is the very essence of health and wellbeing. She clearly is practising what she preaches. I do hope you can join us for her fascinating talk. 

Tickets are £15 per person 

Come at 6.15pm for some healthy nibbles. The talk will start promptly at 6.30pm and last for a hour.